Mauritius Board of Investment

Knowing the investment potential that Mauritius offers to foreigners, the government of Mauritius created an investment promotion agency, otherwise known as the Mauritius Board of Investment (BOI). The task of this division is to mandate investment into Mauritius, as well as promote doing business and encourage live-work opportunities within the country.


It was reported in May 2016, that the BOI was planning to open a Johannesburg office in the near future. Niramala Mahadeo-Jeetah from the BOI shared with MoneyWeb, “The objective of opening up the office, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is to create more visibility about Mauritius, about the investment opportunities that it provides and how best the Board of Investment can facilitate investment in Mauritius.”


Since its independence in 1968, Mauritius was one of the few African countries to enjoy political stability. Mauritius is a parliamentary democracy with a multi-party system and with general elections are democratically held every 5 years. 

Mauritians highly value democratic norms and practices and no incidents have been reported over the past decades to indicate otherwise. All the successive governments have been strong champions of a market-driven economy where free enterprises can succeed and foreign investment thrives.

Invest in Mauritius, a Rainmaker Marketing initiative, is working with the Mauritius Board of Investment to help South Africans further understand and identify investment opportunities through property purchasing, along with other investment initiatives.

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